Carry the cause,
human to human

Givetoo is a platform for bringing awareness of a cause to the general public by using a new, exclusive concept: an object exchange chain.

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The perfect balance between human contact and technology.

Uses the all-new, exclusive concept of an object exchange chain.

Prioritizes a mass awareness event that is more direct and personal.

Allows you to get more people interested in your cause.

Offers a new, efficient way of fundraising.

What does a Givetoo campaign look like?

Find objects

that represent your organization or your cause.

Identify your objects

from the Givetoo link and the codes generated on our platform.

Start your campaign

by handing out your objects within the community.

A carrier is chosen

to get involved and invested in your cause.

The carrier targets in turn

someone trustworthy to keep the object moving.

A concept emerges.

Bringing awareness to the masses in a more direct and personal way.
Mobilisation of each actor for your cause.
Outlandish approach that will foster curiosity within the general public.

Givetoo making its first steps.

transfers of objects
 4 033
individuals reached
 29 814
dollars raised

Created for your needs!

Are you part of a non-profit organization?

Do you have a cause that you want to share with the public?

Do you want to improve your reach and the way you bring awareness to the world?

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