Carry the cause, human to human

The new way of making mass awareness personal.

Targeted and mobilized carriers.

A carrier is personally chosen by someone in his or her surroundings.

He or she officially commits to and invests in your cause.

In turn, he or she targets a trustworthy person to do the same.

Receiving a Givetoo object means taking a few minutes of your time to give attention to a cause that needs it!

Real interactions for greater awareness.

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Givetoo is the only online platform that uses the principle of object exchange as a way to bring awareness to the public. This tactic opens people’s minds and predisposes them to taking interest in your message.

After all, what’s better than human contact to share an idea or an emotion?

All the while exploiting the strength of modern technology!

Free web display for your campaign.

Easy sharing via social media.

Easy and efficient donation system.

Automated e-mail reminders.

Photo gallery of the carriers.

Statistical overview pertaining to your objects.

Access to the list of carriers/donors.

Geolocation of your object’s journey.

Because it’s possible to create more awareness in a personal way!

Registration is totally FREE!

Creating a Givetoo campaign is free. The fees associated with the platform and the execution of the campaign are applied solely on the donations received. The donors can, at their discretion, cover these fees without impacting the amount they have given to your organization. For more details on cost, please consult its section.

A fun campaign that captures our interest.

Receiving a Givetoo object is :

Appeasing our curiosity and letting it guide us.

Discovering its history, your cause, and attaching ourselves to it.

Appreciating the pictures of those who have had it before us.

Wanting to follow it through its journey and evolution.

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