Carry the cause, human to human

A new concept that allows you to go beyond the virtual world!

A person at the center of every cause.

Behind every cause is a problem that affects someone from close or from far.

Every day, thousands of people dedicate themselves to caring for, and carrying, a cause that touches them.

At Givetoo, we are convinced that it is human contact that is at the heart of real awareness.

A new way to foster awareness.

Givetoo is a platform that allows for different organizations to generate interest around their cause by using a new chain of awareness concept.

Givetoo’s goal is to create awareness for a cause through a unique, representative object exchange system.

Each person who receives an object must register to the awareness chain as an official carrier.

Beyond the virtual world...

In a world consumed by its virtual counterpart, objects give us an anchor into reality and can provoke genuine exchanges related to the causes they represent.

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The objects become the physical representations of their cause.

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The responsibility of bringing awareness of the cause to another person thus becomes tangible.

We give a new meaning to the expression : Carry the cause. It’s our way of preserving the bonds we create, human to human.

All the while relying on technology!


Each object is identified by a unique code and link that leads to our platform.


It is here that the object reveals its history to the new carrier.

Thus, the person in question learns more about the cause represented by his or her object.

He or she can donate, and share the experience on social media.

An ever-expanding chain of awareness.

Each carrier is invited to find a trustworthy person who can carry the object after them.

As this wheel spins, it multiplies the number of objects and creates an even greater chain of awareness.

Finally, it is the causes who are the real winners and who make their way efficiently within a community.

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