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What is Givetoo?

Givetoo is a platform that allows organizations to generate interest around their cause by using a new chain of awareness concept. Givetoo also allows for users to benefit from a fundraising system that is integrated in their awareness campaign.

The Givetoo method aims to bring awareness to a cause through unique and representative objects that are then passed from hand to hand. Each person who receives an object must register as official carrier of the object within the chain of awareness.

Why objects?

In a world where technology takes up ever more room, we want to take a step back and revel in human contact again. The Givetoo object can be given to friends, colleagues, family members, and allows for a more direct and personal approach to creating awareness. Together, let’s make the longest chain in the world!

How much does Givetoo cost?

Creating a Givetoo campaign is free! The platform fees (5%) and the banking fees (2.9% + 0.30$) are applied on each donation received. For more information on fees, please consult its section.

Is it possible to get some help for getting started?

Of course! Nothing would make us happier! Our team is at your disposal. We will guide you through every step of your campaign. Contact us !

Still have questions?

We are available to answer your questions and to guide you for the duration of your campaign. Our team will answer your questions within a maximum delay of 24 hours.

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