Carry the cause, human to human

Givetoo is the new platform for bringing awareness to your cause!

Start your campaign in 3 steps.

Find objects

that represent your organization or your cause.

Identify your objects

from the Givetoo link and the codes generated on our platform.

Start your campaign

by handing out your objects within the community.

Each campaign allows us to build a better future.

transfers of objects
 4 033
individuals reached
 29 814
dollars raised

What happens once the campaign has begun?

A new carrier

A person receives your object. He or she then logs onto your campaign page thanks to the link and the unique code attached to the object.

A little help

After officially registering, the new carrier is invited to contribute financially to your cause.

The object keeps moving

This person shares his or her good deed online and keeps the object moving by giving it to a new, trustworthy person.

How much does Givetoo cost?

Creating a Givetoo campaign is totally free! The fees associated to the platform and the costs associated to banking are taken from the donations received. For more information, contact us!

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* These fees can be covered by the donor, if he or she so chooses.

Ready to start your Givetoo campaign?

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Together, let’s create a new chain of awareness for your organization, and collect the precious donations that result.

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